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A mixed media ambient wall piece providing more than just color. Illumination.

An experiment combining a few of my hobbies: woodworking, LEDs, and geometric artwork. Sliced wood is suspended and held together with an intricate wire weave. Backlit by LEDs to accentuate lines & provide illumination.


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Stellated Icosahedron Lamp Shade


30 sonobe modules tucked together = stellated icosahedron


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Web @ Ghost Ship Halloween

Pier 70, Dogpatch, San Francisco, CA

Auxiliary input to -
Custom analog 3-channel filter to -
Arduino Nano v3.1 running my countless mutations on the Adafruit library to -
4 quadrants of 6 WS2811 strips = 24 strips, totalling 1080 LEDs spanning 36 meters of strips
Tied to a 9' x 9' wooden structure
All powered by a DC12V 30A power supply

Completely solo built over a grueling 2 weeks, working well into the night, every night.

Constructed completely from recycled materials... except for the LED strips. But they will be reused!

A big thanks to Make Big Art Crew for the lumber, construction space, and tools. A big thanks to Janky Barge for the event space. A big thanks to my previous employer's shutdown for the recycled electronics. And a special thank you to Julia, who was essential in making this happen.