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Monster professional audio sound system with integrated, audio-reactive, RGB LEDs. The custom built Monolith subwoofers deliver joy to both your ears and eyes. Custom visual system lights up when the bass hits.
Very efficient and powerful - enough sound for 100-1000 people. Will shake you to the bones, while staying crisp.
Super low frequency bass capability, down to 20 Hz.



Passive system = amp rack + 2 tops + 2 subs.
Available for rental in the SF bay area.
I will deliver, setup, sound engineer, clean up, and haul out.
Please reserve via contact.


Bag End TA15

The Bag End TA15 was designed for medium to long throw applications while maintaining its studio monitor sound quality in the near field. Providing the highest output capacity in the TA series, the TA15 is recommended for very high output requirements where studio sound quality is required.


Monolith Subwoofer

The Monolith Subwoofer was designed for very low and very loud bass. High SPL output is achieved with the tapped horn / folded horn design to bring out the true power of an Eminence Lab12 driver. Super low end of ~20Hz. Custom built out of 13-ply Baltic Birch and finished with the appropriate hardware to last and perform. Truly a beast.



Audio-reactive RGB LED lighting units are integrated into the Monolith subwoofers, and controlled via a central processing unit. Will light up and react to any music played. Can also be turned off, or set to an ambient mode (audio-reactive off).



2x Bag End TA15 (200wRMS - 1600wPeak)
2x Custom built Monolith Subwoofer (400wRMS - 800wPeak)


Amp Rack

Mackie 1402-VLZ Mixer (14 channel)
DBX 2231 Equalizer (31-band, 2 channel)
DBX 223 Crossover
Crown XS500 Power Amp (400w / channel @ 8ohms)
Crown X4000 Power Amp (1000w / channel @ 8ohms)